mercredi 15 octobre 2014

Challenge # 12 - "Pink"

Coucou tout le monde !!!

Aujourd'hui, que commence le défi #12.

Cette fois le thème est "Rose"

Et l'équipe A vous a préparé de très belles réas.

Hello everybody!!!

Today, that the challenge 12 begins.

This time the theme is " Pink"

And the A team prepared for you of very beautiful creations.

Maintenant, c'est a vous ...

4 commentaires:

  1. Stunning creations
    great new challange
    hugs Tamara
    When will you posted the winners and top 3 from past challanges #9 back to school, #10 monocromatic or did I missed some post?

  2. Lovely Cards by the DT, but I never know when the challenges are coming up. The Edwin seemed to be late and this one a day early? Very Confusing!

  3. Magnifiques toutes ces cartes bravo les filles! Bises Nadine

  4. Still waiting for Challenge 8 Beach to be announced?
    Jane x